July 17, 2006

Real estate manager unveils corporate sustainability training module

A sustainability program being launched by BLJC, a provider of integrated real estate management services, could positively affect more than 80 million square feet of property across Canada, says the company. BLJC's new Sustainable Energy Education and Communications (SEEC) employee training program provides a framework for practical and understandable levels of energy and environmental awareness education. Companies adopting this program can save money through reducing energy, water and other resource consumption by educating and encouraging their employees to embrace the principles of sustainability in their everyday lives.

BLJC plans to sign up its own personnel as the first trainees in the program before offering it externally to its clients as a new, value-added service. As an incentive to encourage participation by client companies, BLJC will be subsidizing the cost of implementing the program within their respective organizations. The company says if all of its clients were to adopt this program, the result would be more than 100,000 people across Canada actively following the principles of sustainability and making real differences in their communities.

"As the Canadian leader of Integrated Real Estate Management Services, BLJC is in a unique position to effect positive sustainability changes throughout more than 80 million square feet of retail, industrial and commercial space across Canada," said BLJC president Gord Hicks. "Further, BLJC employees can directly affect over a million square feet of residential space by implementing at home some of the practices learned through their involvement in the SEEC program," he added.

"SEEC will provide BLJC employees and participating clients with a credible, proven blueprint to effect real changes to overall sustainability in the workplace and at home," Hicks continued. "Participants learn that through applying sustainability best practices we can reduce waste, lessen harmful emissions, and maintain the health and well-being for ourselves and future generations."

The SEEC concept was developed by Johnson Controls, BLJC's parent company, in co-operation with the U.S. National Energy Foundation using the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)'s Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence.

The Web-based training program comprises a ten-module series of lessons that show how employees can apply sustainability principles to yield environmental, financial and social benefits at work and home. Sustainability has been gaining widespread acceptance among companies as a means containing costs and protecting the environment while also increasing employee productivity, strengthening community ties and enhancing their corporate or organizational image.

Based in Markham, Ontario, just north of Toronto, BLJC provides integrated, national real estate management services to clients in sectors as diverse as retail, oil and gas, financial services, high-tech, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, government, and education. The firm's services range from real estate services and technologies, project and facility management to management of facilities and workspaces.

More information is available from Blake Inkster at BLJC, 905/943-4085, E-mail blake.inkster@bljc.com, Web site www.bljc.com.

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