August 7-14, 2006

Trucking firm to install Tadger to improve fuel efficiency, reduce fleet emissions

GATINEAU, QUE-EnviroTek Associates recently signed an agreement with Mullen Trucking under which the Aldersyde, Alberta company has adopted the Tadger technology for its fleet and will distribute the Tadger to its independent contractors and sister companies. The deal follows a trial run of the product begun by Mullen in December 2005. At that time, Mullen agreed to participate in a 90-day trial which included a money back guarantee if fuel savings of at least 3% were not realized. Mullen completed an extended road test trial from January to June 2006. The result was an average saving of 5.38% on the Tadger-equipped trucks. As a result, said Kelly Scheer of Mullen Trucking, "I have no hesitation in recommending EnviroTek Associates and Tadger Group International to any fleet manager looking to reduce fleet emissions and fuel costs. 3% to 5% may not seem like a lot but spread it out over a fleet in a year and the number becomes impressive." Developed by the Tadger Group International, the patented device is designed to improve combustion efficiency of gas or diesel engines. Installed on the engine's input fuel line, the Tadger generates a controlled turbulence in the fuel which improves volatility and atomization by increasing the surface area of the fuel that is exposed to the oxygen in the air. Combustion efficiency is enhanced by more completely vaporizing and burning the fuel, in turn reducing emissions. Envirotek Associates is based in Gatineau, with offices in Kanata, Ontario and Calgary. More information is available from Jean-Marc Plouffe at Envirotek, 819/664-5253; Gordon Pinder at the Kanata branch, 613/290-2966; or Terry Hodgson at the Calgary office, 403/813-9002, Web site

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