August 7-14, 2006

Manitoba provides over $1M for water project, mine rehabilitation

SHERRIDON/COLD LAKE, MAN-The Manitoba government is providing almost $1.1 million for construction of a water treatment plant, installation of water and sewer lines, and $500,000 for mine rehabilitation in Sherridon/Cold Lake. The new water treatment plant and water and sewer lines will connect Sherridon and Cold Lake, replacing two existing facilities in the community. As well, Sherlett Lake will replace Cold Lake as a new water source. The provincial funding for demolition and rehabilitation of the mine site will help implement measures to improve safety, such as fencing off shafts. Economic Development and Mines Minister Jim Rondeau said the announcement is a part of a broader commitment and strategy to address the longstanding issue of abandoned mines in the province. "We've invested more than $500,000 so far this year which underscores our commitment to rehabilitate the abandoned Sherridon Mine," he said. "Moving forward, we will be taking further action shortly with a strategy for abandoned mines and will be working with our partners to develop long-term solutions for the community." The total cost of the water project is estimated at almost $3.3 million. Through the Canada-Manitoba Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund, the provincial and federal governments have already pledged almost $1.1 million each. Construction of the water and sewer lines is scheduled for August with completion by October. The construction of the water plant is currently scheduled to start in October and be completed and commissioned by the summer of 2007, pending environmental approvals.

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