July 24, 2006

Alcan spin-off firm recycles nearly 1M tonnes of scrap aluminum in 2005

ATLANTA, GA-Novelis recently reported that it recycled nearly one million tonnes of post-consumer and post-industrial aluminum scrap in 2005, including more than 35 billion used beverage cans -- enough to circle the earth more than 100 times if laid end to end. The company is the world's largest recycler of aluminum cans, having inherited its processes and structure from Alcan, its parent company. Novelis was formed in January 2005 as a spin-off from Alcan to acquire and independently carry on most of the aluminum rolled products businesses operated by Alcan. Proprietary de-coating technology makes Novelis's can recycling process highly efficient, contributing to enhanced productivity, efficiency and environmental responsibility. Martha Brooks, chief operating officer, noted that recycling accounts for approximately 30% of its source metal. "Optimizing the use of recycled metal gives us added agility and flexibility in meeting customer demands," she said. "Recycling also provides a means to address our environmental sustainability goals," Brooks added, noting that "Aluminum produced from scrap metal requires 95% less energy than is needed to produce primary aluminum -- which means that up to 95% of related greenhouse gas emissions are avoided." Novelis operates six recycling facilities: three in the U.S. (Oswego, NY, Berea, KY and Greensboro, GA, near its Atlanta head office), and one each in South America, Europe and Asia. It obtains its recycled metal from post-consumer products, primarily beverage cans, as well as post-industrial scrap from its customers' manufacturing operations. Scrap recovered within Novelis' own operations is not included in the company's calculations of recycled metal.

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