August 7-14, 2006

Gas tax payments support sustainability projects in Greater Vancouver communities

VANCOUVER, BC-More than $29 million was recently distributed to 151 local governments outside of the Greater Vancouver area and to the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (GVTA). The funds represent the first instalment of Year 2 federal gas tax payments and are in addition to $60 million that BC's cities and communities received last year. The BC payments are part of the federal government's gas tax revenue sharing initiative, which will distribute $5 billion over five years to cities and communities across Canada. For BC alone, this works out to more than $635 million over five years. Local governments are expected to use their gas tax funds for environmentally sustainable infrastructure projects, with decisions to be made locally about where best to direct the funds in order to respond to each community's infrastructure needs and to obtain environmental benefits such as clearer air, cleaner water and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Eligible project categories include water and wastewater, solid-waste management, public transit, community energy systems and local government capacity-building.

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