July 17, 2006

Golden Horseshoe growth plan includes more than 37 environmental projects

TORONTO, ONT-Making certain that water and wastewater infrastructure is in place to support growth is a priority of Ontario's recently-released Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The plan includes policies to link planning for water and sewer systems with planning for growth. More than 37 water and other environmental projects, led by the province, the federal government and municipal partners, will provide improved water and wastewater treatment and waste management. Among the planned projects are recycling initiatives, landfill remediation, water treatment system improvements, waste reduction and decommissioning projects, sanitary sewage collection systems, environmental centres, water and wastewater infrastructure, and harbour cleanups. The Growth Plan also calls for: completion of the district heating plant in Hamilton and planning for improvements to the city's wastewater treatment system and harbour cleanup; completion of an Environmental Centre in the Niagara Region and start-up of work on a biosolids processing facility in that area; planning work for the remediation of Whitby harbour; and development of a sanitary sewage collection system in Niagara Falls. The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe is the first growth plan to be released under the Places to Grow Act, passed in June 2005. It will be implemented over the next 25 years. Full details are available on the Places to Grow Web site, www.ontario.ca/placestogrow.

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