July 17, 2006

Toronto Hydro gets OEB approval for "10/10" conservation program

TORONTO, ONT-The Ontario Energy Board has approved Toronto Hydro's request to initiate its "10/10 Program," a new conservation and demand management (CDM) effort designed to rewarding electricity users for conserving power during the summer months. Under the scheme, Toronto Hydro's small business and residential consumers who, compared to last year, reduce their electricity consumption by 10% between July 15th and September 15th will receive a 10% rebate on their bills. Since the summer of 2005 was abnormally warm, electricity use will be adjusted to reflect normal weather. Toronto Hydro will automatically enroll its small business and residential customers in the three-month pilot program, providing a reduction target required for them to achieve the incentive. A similar initiative has been helping California reduce its electricity consumption since 2001. Toronto Hydro's CDM budget will foot $3 million of the program's estimated $5.6 million cost. The utility has a total CDM budget of $39.8 million, to be spend over three years.

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