July 17, 2006

Suncor begins production at St Clair ethanol plant

SARNIA, ONT-Suncor Energy Products' St Clair ethanol plant is now in production. The $120-million facility has a projected production volume of 200 million litres per year, making it Canada's largest ethanol production plant. The primary feedstock for the plant is corn, and the operation is expected to use 20 million bushels of corn per year. Suncor has been blending ethanol into its Sunoco-branded gasoline since 1996. The gasoline-ethanol blend helps reduce carbon monoxide emissions by up to 30%. Studies show the use of corn-based ethanol in Sunoco's fuel has had the equivalent effect of removing more than 20,000 cars from Ontario's roads. Ethanol is also a natural gas-line antifreeze in winter. Suncor plans to hold a grand opening celebration at the new ethanol plant later this summer.

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