June 26, 2006

Quebec regulation levies solid waste disposal fee

QUEBEC CITY, QUE-A new Quebec regulation on licence fees payable for disposal of residual materials will set a fee of $10 on each tonne of residual material destined for disposal, with the resulting monies to be directed toward waste recovery and reclamation initiatives. The regulation, which comes into effect June 23, 2006, will help municipalities finance their waste management plans while helping reduce quantities send for disposal and prolonging the working life of disposal sites, noted Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks Minister Claude BÈchard. Disposal sites subject to the regulation include both sanitary and engineered landfills, as well as dry material depots and incinerators. Operators of these sites will have five months to obtain weighing equipment if they receive 20,000 or more tonnes per year of residuals. Those receiving less will have three years to acquire the equipment. The provincial government will redistribute 85% of the funds to the municipalities to help finance their residual materials management plans, setting 15% aside for priority activities related to managing residual materials. Municipalities will receive an average of $52.7 million per year, but will pay in only $28 million in fees for disposal of residential solid waste, BÈchard noted.

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