June 26, 2006

Training, technology demonstration facility opens in Walkerton

WALKERTON, ONT-In Walkerton, Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broton presided over the June 19 official opening of a comprehensive interim technology demonstration facility dedicated to training drinking water system operators in Ontario. Operated by the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, the facility will also be available to operating authorities and professionals in the drinking water industry. It will provide practical, hands-on training and demonstration for both conventional and leading-edge water treatment technologies and distribution systems equipment. Designed to blend classroom and hands-on training, the new technology demonstration facility houses a water treatment pilot plant, a drinking water testing lab and advanced water treatment technologies, including ozone, ultraviolet and membrane systems. This will enable information taught in the classroom to be immediately applied in the technology demonstration facility. The Walkerton Clean Water Centre has been established as an Ontario government agency to play a vital role in keeping Ontario's drinking water safe. The Centre provides training to drinking water system operators and conducts research and technology demonstration for the water industry. More information is available from the Centre's CEO Dr Saad Jasim, 519/881-2003.

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