June 19, 2006

TD earmarks 160,000 trees for reforestation across Canada

TORONTO, ONT-TD Bank Financial Group marked its annual Customer Appreciation Day this month by announcing a reforestation program under which 160,000 trees will be planted in four specially chosen locations across Canada. TD is working in partnership with Tree Canada to plant the trees in Kelowna, BC, Sudbury, Ontario, Gatineau, Quebec and Halifax, NS. TD collaborated with Tree Canada to select these planting sites, focusing on communities that have lost large stands of trees to natural disasters and require reforestation to improve their environment, including wildlife habitat. In Kelowna, for example, large areas of forest have been destroyed by fire, while Sudbury is working to restore forests adjacent to mining sites. In Gatineau, a large municipal program is underway to re-green the city, while in the Halifax area, ice storms and hurricanes have destroyed many trees in recent years. The environmental impact of 160,000 trees is significant. Over their lifetime, these trees will absorb 93,418 tonnes of carbon dioxide and will filter other pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone out of the air. Each mature tree will lift nearly 400 litres of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air daily, cooling the air while producing oxygen. They will also help reduce water runoff and erosion, keep streams cleaner, recharge groundwater, and provide habitat for wildlife.

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