July 10, 2006

Vancouver firm signs development deal for energy-from-waste technology

VANCOUVER, BC-Clean Energy Combustion Systems has signed an exclusive engineering and project development agreement with a California engineering firm, Waste-to-Energy Developers (WTED). Under the agreement, WTED will represent Clean Energy and provide development and engineering services in support of projects involving the sale and/or installation of the Clean Energy "ecoPhaser," a solid-to-gas-phase thermal conversion reactor. For its part, Clean Energy has granted WTED an exclusive, royalty-free licence to use Clean Energy logos, service marks and trademarks names for the purpose of marketing and promoting the ecoPhaser. The agreement covers the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. The ecoPhaser is manufactured and marketed by Clean Energy, a development-stage U.S. public company based in Vancouver. The product is designed to burn solid waste fuels cleanly, producing an effluent flow of thermal energy (hot gas) which can then be used in a steam generator to generate process steam and/or to produce electrical energy through a turbine driven alternator. WTED specializes in industrial processes, electric power generation, cogeneration, system control and plant operation. More information is available from Clean Energy Combustion Systems, 604/681-9383, E-mail shareinfo@clean-energy.com, Web site www.clean-energy.com.

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