June 26, 2006

CCME revises principles for contaminated site liability

WINNIPEG, MAN-The Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment (CCME) has revised and updated its "Recommended Principles on Contaminated Sites Liability" document. The new publication adds to the CCME's principles dealing with contaminated sites liability another principle that provides for the possibility transferring environmental regulatory liability for a contaminated site from the seller to the buyer under specific conditions established by governments. This is intended to assure site cleanup and to promote the redevelopment of brownfield sites across Canada. It will facilitate the redevelopment of vacant or underutilized commercial properties, while ensuring continued protection of environmental and human safety. The 2006 document incorporates and replaces the CCME's 1993 publication, "Contaminated Site Liability Report: Recommended Principles for a Consistent Approach Across Canada." It may be viewed on the CCME Web site, www.ccme.ca/ourwork/soil.html?category_id=68.

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