June 12, 2006

New UV analyzer enhances accuracy of water, wastewater measurement

A new ultraviolet analyzer developed by the Alberta Research Council (ARC) and being taken to market by Galvanic Applied Sciences will make water treatment more accurate and respond to the industry's need for quality measurements to improve water quality at reduced costs. The first commercial units have been sold to the city of Calgary for its Glenmore and Bearspaw water treatment facilities.

Galvanic, a Calgary-based company with an international client list, has signed a licensing agreement with ARC to manufacture, distribute, sell and service the ultraviolet analyzer. Galvanic and ARC have worked together for two years to develop the product for market. "We're very excited about the potential of the ultraviolet analyzer and our relationship with Galvanic," said Ted Garver, the lead ARC scientist who developed the ultraviolet analyzer.

A second agreement to work together to refine and produce more technology-based products signifies the commitment these two organizations have to a long-term relationship.

"We're targeting this technology to municipalities and industry," said Galvanic CEO Gerry Hipple. "The ultraviolet analyzer, which is based on ARC's patented technology, makes water treatment more effective in helping municipalities provide safe, clean drinking water," he explained, noting that it is also cost-effective for analyzing industrial process water.

The ultraviolet analyzer uses a combination of sampling, measurement stabilizing and referencing technologies to significantly improve the reliability, sensitivity and accuracy required for measurement and

control of drinking water and wastewater treatment. This will help plants improve capacity, reduce costs and meet human health and safety goals.

Galvanic Applied Sciences develops instrumentation and manufactures equipment for the natural gas processing and distribution markets and liquids process markets. Products include analyzers for sulfur and BTU measurement in gases, electronic volume correctors and recorders used in combination with commercial natural gas meters, and tytrators, viscometers, suspended solids and turbidity analyzers for on-line liquid analysis.

The ARC is dedicated to accelerating the development of innovative products, processes and services in the energy, environment, forestry, manufacturing, life sciences and agriculture sectors. Integrated multi-disciplinary teams help clients and partners take technologies from the laboratory to the field, strengthening their competitiveness and sustainability.

More information is available from Gerry Hipple, CEO of Galvanic Applied Sciences, 403/258-9790, E-mail ghipple@galvanic.com, or Ted Garver, senior research scientists at the ARC, 780/450-5065, E-mail garver@arc.ab.ca.

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