June 12, 2006

BC Environment releases discussion paper for industrial non-hazardous waste landfills code of practice

The BC Ministry of Environment intends to establish, through a Minister's regulation, a Code of Practice addressing industrial non-hazardous waste landfills under provisions of the Environmental Management Act and the Waste Discharge regulation.

The proposed Code of Practice would establish province-wide regulations for industrial non-hazardous waste landfill sites. All new industrial landfills, as well as existing landfills currently authorized by permit that require significant expansion, would be required to comply with all relevant provisions of the Act and the regulation, as well as the code. Specifically, the Environmental Management Act prohibits the introduction of waste into the environment "in such a manner or quantity as to cause pollution."

While the Code would apply to all classes of landfills listed in accompanying schedules, it would initially apply only to wood waste landfills associated with either logging operations or wood manufacturing facilities. Such landfills are considered by the Ministry to be a low to medium environmental risk - with activities and discharges to the environment that are appropriate for management and regulation under a Code of Practice.

The code would be primarily performance-based, requiring development of, and compliance with, a design, an operations and closure plan that demonstrates how performance requirements will be met relating to registration and record-keeping, water quality protection and monitoring, accepted and prohibited wastes, landfill gas and other issues.

The Ministry has released for public consultation a policy intentions paper setting out the content of the proposed code of practice, and has contracted Cindy Bertram of C Rankin & Associates to manage the consultation process. Interested parties are invited to sent comments by June 30, 2006. Comments received after the submission deadline date will be reviewed by the Ministry but may not be included in consultation summary reporting.

The policy intentions paper, "Industrial Non-Hazardous Waste Landfills Code of Practice," may be viewed on-line at www.env.gov.bc.ca/epdiv/ema_codes_of_practice/. Comments and/or inquiries should be directed to Cindy Bertram, E-mail cindybertram@shaw.ca, FAX 250/598-9948, mailing address P.O. Box 5293, Victoria BC V8R 6N4.

The industrial non-hazardous waste landfills Code of Practice is one of several targeted for development and review during 2006. The Miniatry has also begun work on a Concrete and Concrete Products Industry Code of Practice and will be undertaking work on codes relating to Soil Enhancement Using Wastes, Finfish Aquaculture Waste Control, the Vehicle Dismantling and Recycling Industry and a number of other industry-specific codes, along with regulations governing Hazardous Wastes, Municipal Sewage, Open Burning Smoke Control Organic Matter Recycling.

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