May 1, 2006

Hy-Drive MOU with MTI to improve air quality in underground mining operations

MISSISSAUGA, ONT-Hy-Drive Technologies recently sold 20 of its hydrogen generating systems (HGS) to Canadian-based Mining Technologies International (MTI), a manufacturer of mining equipment including trucks, loaders, underground utility vehicles as well as drilling equipment. This is the initial order under a longer-term supply agreement. In addition, Hy-Drive and MTI have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) whose terms call for MTI to adapt Hy-Drive's technology for use on selected underground and above-ground diesel-powered mining equipment. Because Hy-Drive's system is designed to reduce exhaust emissions while enhancing fuel efficiency, it effectively addresses air quality, a major concern of the mining industry. "We turned to Hy-Drive because... their simple retrofit package reduces the emissions as part of the natural combustion process instead of just filtering the exhaust," MTI president and CEO Robert Lipic explained. "Our partnership with Mining Technologies International highlights how our new patented hydrogen injection technology can be applied to a specific vertical industry such as mining," said Hy-Drive president and CEO Tom Brown. The Hy-Drive system injects small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine. This creates an enriched air mixture and a more complete and faster burn which results in reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency and more engine torque. The technology works with any internal combustion engine, all types of fuel and in almost any climate, and is readily retrofitted. More information is available from Tom Brown at Hy-Drive Technologies, 905/542-3024, ext 300, E-mail, Web site

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