May 22, 2006

BQ motion on Kyoto calls for mid-October deadline for new plan

QUEBEC CITY, QUE-A Bloc Québécois motion on the Kyoto Protocol, carried by a majority vote in the House of Commons, calls for the government to present, by mid-October, a detailed plan for meeting Canada's commitments under the Protocol. The adoption of the motion sends a message to the Conservative government that we are not goint to continue doing nothing, said Bloc Québécois MP Bernard Bigras (Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie), whose motion was carried on May 16 after some debate, by a vote of 165 to 129. The need for action is urgent, he added. The motion calls on the government to: (a) take the necessary measures to ensure that Canada meets its objective for greenhouse gas reduction established under the Kyoto Protocol, in an equitable manner while respecting the constitutional jurisdictions and responsibilities of Quebec and the provinces; and (b) publish, by October 15, 2006, an effective and equitable plan for complying with the Kyoto Protocol. It specifies that the plan should include a system of emission objectives for large emitters, along with an exchange of emission rights. The approach should be based on fairness, with objectives for major emitters in proportion to their emissions. This, adds the motion, should be accompanied by a bilateral agreement with Quebec and the provinces that want it, which could be based on a territorial approach.

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