May 1, 2006

EIA to be required for AST's proposed sulfur forming facility

EDMONTON, ALTA-Alberta Environment has ordered Alberta Sulphur Terminal (AST) to conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for a proposed sulfur forming and storage yard near Bruderheim in north-central Alberta. The assessment must be completed before the application for environmental approval by AST, a division of Hazco Environmental Services Alberta, will be considered. The EIA will provide detailed information to Alberta Environment, other regulators, and the public concerning any potential environmental, social, economic and cultural impacts of the proposed project. It will also include the company's plans for mitigating any potential adverse impacts and for responding to emergencies. A sulfur forming facility converts byproduct sulfur from the oil and gas industry into a solid form called pastilles, which are then exported to market. Alberta legislation automatically requires EIAs for certain types of projects such as pulp mills, oil sands developments, oil refineries and large dams. For other types of projects such as that proposed by AST, Alberta Environment can require an EIA if more information is needed, or if there are concerns about the project's location, size and nature of the project, potential for environmental impacts, or other concerns expressed by the public.

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