May 8, 2006

New Brunswick developing VOC emission limits for bulk fuel facilities

FREDERICTON, NB-The New Brunswick government is working on a new initiative for managing industrial emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), in particular from bulk fuel storage and handling facilities. "We are in the process of surveying bulk fuel storage and handling facilities throughout the province, and we expect to get final information from all companies by the end of this month," said Environment Minister Trevor Holder. "We are also awaiting a federal study from Environment Canada concerning the status of vapour control at bulk-fuel storage-and-handling facilities. That study is expected to be completed this May," he added. Over the past ten years, the province has acted to limit VOC emissions from a number of industrial sector sources and has supported and participated in the development of federal regulations. As yet, however, VOC emissions from bulk fuel storage and handling facilities have not been addressed, and New Brunswick Environment is in the process of developing sector standards for current and future control of these emissions. Once all information has been compiled, the department will develop a provincial program consistent with the environmental impacts and requirements at other similar facilities.

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