May 22, 2006

Toronto Hydro conservation programs enable all sectors to help cut peak power demand

Two new energy conservation programs introduced by Toronto Hydro will enable both large and small businesses, as well as residential customers, to help the utility reduce its peak demand and avoid power cuts while lowering their own energy costs and contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

"We're committed to reducing peak demand in the city of Toronto by 250 megawatts by 2007, and our new peakSAVER programs for businesses are an integral part of our overall strategy," said Toronto Hydro president and CEO David O'Brien. "With peakSAVER, customers can take action to reduce electricity demand for the sake of our environment," he added.

O'Brien said Toronto Hydro will likely meet its target to reduce peak demand in the city before the end of next year. "This is a way for everyone in the city, whether they're business people or homeowners, to take action in response to the Province's call for electricity conservation during summer heat waves," he said.

peakSAVER DE is an opt-in program that allows commercial customers who use between 1,000 and 4,999 kilowatts (kW) of electricity per month to switch on their stand-alone generators and offset some of the electricity from the grid. Organizations currently participating in this program include the Humber Treatment Plant, North York General Hospital, Enbridge, Ontario Power Generation, Toronto Hydro-Electric System, First Canadian Place, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Royal York Hotel, and Air Canada Centre.

peakSAVER AC - the small business, commercial and residential version of the program - gives Toronto Hydro the ability to remotely "cycle down" homeowners' central air-conditioners, water heaters and pool pumps when the electricity system is stretched. A special wireless device installed on homeowners' air conditioning systems, which will slow down the system for a short period until peak demand has been eased. In exchange for permission to manage their system, homeowners will receive a $25 incentive.

More information about peakSAVER DE is available on the Toronto Hydro Web site, Details about peakSAVER AC may be found at

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