May 15, 2006

Sask Transpo to test biodiesel fuel mix in over half its fleet

SASKATOON, SASK-The Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) will be using a 2% biodiesel fuel mixture in more than half its buses over the next year to test the viability of using the more environmentally-friendly fuel in all its buses. STC plans to blend the fuel in its storage tanks in Saskatoon and use the mixture in all buses fuelling at that facility, approximately 54% of its fleet. "We already know that bio-diesel fuel burns cleaner than regular fuel, and is therefore better for the environment," said Eldon Lautermilch, Minister responsible for STC. "The company wants to give the fuel an extensive testing to gauge potential savings in terms of mileage and motor life. The use of bio-diesel would be good for the environment, it has potential to be good for STC's bottom line, and it will assist the development of a value-added industry within our agricultural sector," he continued. A shorter trial using one bus, on the Saskatoon to Swift Current run, was carried out in 2005, but the test did not yield enough data to enable a sound judgement to be made on the economic impact of the fuel additive. STC will be using biodiesel supplied by Milligan Bio-tech, a company based at Foam Lake producing biodiesel and other value-added co-products. In the course of a year, STC would use one million litres of diesel fuel from its Saskatoon facility.

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