May 22, 2006

New Green Municipal Fund expands brownfield cleanup, redevelopment opportunities

A new Green Municipal Fund (GMF) launched by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) will expand opportunities for municipal governments to clean up brownfield sites. Through the Brownfield Remediation request for proposals (RFP) process, which opened on May 10, the GMF will award approximately $20 million in low interest-loans to support the remediation and redevelopment of municipally and privately-owned brownfields. While applicants must be municipal governments, they may, where permissible under provincial/territorial legislation, use GMF loans to provide grants or loans to private developers to fund a portion of the cost of site remediation.

Prospective applicants must submit notice of their intent to apply for the Brownfield Remediation RFP; the deadline is May 31, 2006. The Intent to Apply form, along with details of the RFP, is available on-line at

Applicants whose Intent to Apply is accepted will be notified and asked to submit a detailed proposal for review by a team of independent, third-party experts. Funding will depend primarily on the anticipated environmental benefit (i.e. soil quality improvement and the degree of sustainability of the proposed redevelopment activity). Anticipated social and economic benefits will be factored in as well. The RFP closes July 12, 2006.

The FCM manages the $550-million GMF on behalf of the federal government. The Fund supports partnerships and leveraging of both public and private sector funding to for projects designed to achieve higher standards of air, water and soil quality, and climate protection. There will be at least one RFP each year in the categories of energy, waste, water and sustainable transportation, as well as brownfield remediation.

More information on the GMF Brownfield RFP is available from AndrĂˆe Thomas, 613/241-5221, ext 246.

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