May 8, 2006

Car Heaven reports 2005 as most successful year for retiring old vehicles

TORONTO, ONT-2005 was the most successful year to date for Car Heaven, a program run by the Clean Air Foundation (CAF). Program manager Fatima Dharsee recently reported that more than 13,000 cars were collected last year, resulting in reductions of 876 tonnes of smog-causing emissions, 3,619 tonnes of carbon monoxide emissions, and 5,922 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Car Heaven seeks to accelerate the retirement of old, higher polluting vehicles and promote a shift to cleaner alternatives. Since June 2000, more than 33,000 older, polluting vehicles have been taken off the road through this incentive program, which offers donors a choice of a charitable tax receipt from a number of affiliated charities. If the vehicle is a 1995 model year or older and still on the road, the donor may be eligible to receive a $1,000 certificate towards a new General Motors vehicle. The program is supported by partnerships with GM, the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association, Imperial Oil, the federal government and the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Earlier this year, GM agreed to continue its support of the program through 2006. More information is available on the CAF Web site,

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