May 15, 2006

Comments invited on EA report for Alcan's proposed spent pot lining project

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is accepting comments until May 31, 2006 on the conclusions, recommendations and any other aspect of the comprehensive environmental assessment (EA) study report prepared for Alcan's proposed spent pot lining project.

Alcan's primary metal group is proposing to build and operate, in its Jonquière facility in Saguenay, a facility to test a treatment process which would eliminate the need for landfill disposal of spent pot linings (byproducts of primary aluminum production). The chemical process, developed by Alcan, would convert spent pot lining into a non-hazardous waste while facilitating the recycling and upgrading of some products derived from spent pot lining treatment. The plant would be able to process up to 80,000 tonnes per year of spent pot lining.

Because the company is seeking federal funding support for the project, the proposal is subject to the federal environmental assessment process under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Last September, then-Environment Minister Stéphane Dion decided upon a comprehensive study as the most appropriate level of environmental assessment for the project.

The study was completed by Industry Canada, the responsible authority for the project, and was submitted to the Environment Minister and to the Agency. Following the public consultation of the report, and upon review of the comments received, the Minister of the Environment will issue an environmental assessment decision statement.

The study report may be viewed on-line at or requested from Industry Canada, 7th floor, 235 Queen St, Ottawa K1A 0H5, FAX 613/954-9117, E-mail

Comments may be submitted in English or French to Jacques Laurin, project assessment analyst, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, 160 Elgin St, 22nd floor, Ottawa K1A 0H3, 613/957-0752, FAX 613/957-0941, E-mail

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