April 24, 2006

Oakville Hydro, Halton to build landfill gas-fuelled power plant

OAKVILLE, ONT-Oakville Hydro, in partnership with the Regional Municipality of Halton, plans to build a facility to generate electricity from landfill gas. The gas, released by decomposing refuse, contains approximately 50% methane, a potent greenhouse gas and the main component of natural gas. The landfill gas will be collected, scrubbed, and used to fuel internal combustion engines that will drive electrical generators feeding the Ontario power grid. The landfill operation is expected to produce enough gas to generate electricity for over 20 years. "This is a proven and reliable technology that will allow Oakville Hydro to convert a harmful pollutant into a source of renewable energy," said Oakville Hydro president and CEO Alex Bystrin. "This project is an important demonstration of sustainable development, producing both local and province-wide benefits. We will reduce landfill odour and environmental pollution, cut down on the amount of electricity lost in the transmission grid and lessen our reliance on coal-fired power plants." The plant will be located at the Halton waste management site, owned and operated by the Regional Municipality of Halton, the project partner. The complete landfill gas utilization facility including operation and maintenance services will be provided by DDA Canada East, the eastern Canada distributor for GE Jenbacher gas engines. "When completed before the end of 2007, this facility will generate two megawatts of power, which is enough electricity to supply 800 to 1,000 homes for over 20 years," said Jose Menendez, general manager of construction and generation for Oakville Hydro. More information is available from Alex Bystrin at Oakville Hydro, 905/825-4470, E-mail abystrin@oakvillehydro.com.

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