April 24, 2006

Shell sponsors Fort Saskatchewan curbside recycling with free bags

FORT SASKATCHEWAN, ALTA-When Fort Saskatchewan's new curbside recycling program begins on Monday, May 1, residents will be equipped with a full supply of blue recycling bags, provided free of charge by Shell Canada. Under a three-year, $100,000 sponsorship initiative, the "Shell Recycling Sacks" will be delivered to every home in the city in packages of 20 later this month by First Fort Saskatchewan Scouts members. Residents who use up their supply of Shell Recycling Sacks before the next delivery (in about four or five months) can pick up more bags, also at no cost, at Fort Saskatchewan's city hall and other locations in the city. Peter St George, general manager of the Shell Scotford upgrader, said, "We believe the city is taking a big step forward by introducing this program, and in doing so will become a model for other communities that pursue recycling options." The program will allow residents to recycle newspapers and inserts, magazines, writing paper, Christmas cards and wrapping paper, junk mail, phone books, flattened cardboard boxes, clean tin cans with no loose lids, glass bottles and jars and a variety of plastics such as rinsed and flattened milk jugs and detergent containers. Non-recyclables include pizza boxes, wax cardboard, mirrors, paint cans or any container that has contained hazardous materials. Fort Saskatchewan is situated northeast of Edmonton on the North Saskatchewan River and has a population of approximately 15,000. More information on the recycling program is available from the Planning and Public Works department at 780/992-6248 or on the city's Web site, www.fortsask.ca.

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