April 24, 2006

CSA publishes ISO 14064 series of international GHG standards

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has published the new ISO 14064 series of standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) quantification, reporting and monitoring. The new standards are designed to facilitate the development of carbon markets by providing a consistent and comparable method for quantification, reporting, and verification of GHG emissions.

CSA has been instrumental in developing new international GHG standards. On behalf of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Standards Council of Canada, CSA managed a working group made up of 200 international experts from more than 50 countries and non-governmental organizations to develop the new ISO 14064 series of standards.

Part 1 of the series, CAN/CSA-ISO 14064-1, specifies principles and requirements at the organizational level for quantification and reporting of GHG emissions and removals. It includes requirements for the design, development, management, reporting and verification of an organization's GHG inventory.

Part 2 of CAN/CSA-ISO 14064 specifies principles and requirements and provides guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of activities intended to reduce GHG emissions or enhance GHG removals. It includes:

*requirements for planning a GHG project;

*identifying and selecting GHG sources, sinks and reservoirs relevant to the project; and

* baseline scenario, monitoring, quantifying, documenting and reporting GHG project performance and managing data quality.

CAN/CSA-ISO 14064-3 specifies principles and requirements and provides guidance for those conducting or managing the validation and/or verification of GHG assertions. It can be applied to organizational or GHG project quantification, including GHG quantification, monitoring and reporting carried out in accordance with ISO 14064-1 or ISO 14064-2. This part of ISO 14064 details requirements for:

*selecting GHG validators/verifiers;

*establishing the level of assurance, objectives, criteria and scope;

*determining the validation/verification approach;

*assessing GHG data, information, information systems and controls; and

*evaluating GHG assertions and preparing validation/verification statements.

To support the implementation of the ISO 14064 series of standards, the CSA is developing training programs and other tools. More information is available on the CSA Web site, www.csa.ca.

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