April 10, 2006

Saskatchewan research groups, CSA sign emissions measurement agreement

The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) and Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) have signed an emissions measurement agreement with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Under this agreement, the three organizations will determine where the gaps are in the current regulations, and what SRC and PTRC can do to help industries and communities to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency in Saskatchewan and potentially other areas of the world. Using the latest technological advancements within regulations, they will work together to measure emission reductions, water use and conservation, and wastewater remediation.

"This memorandum of understanding between CSA, Saskatchewan Research Council and the Petroleum Technology Research Council... will help foster the efficient deployment of new and emerging environmental technologies, said demonstrates our shared vision for the betterment of public safety and quality of life," Pat Keindel, president, standards for the CSA.

"It will aid governments and regulators to establish better processes for the measurement of emission reductions and water conservation through the development of new standards, codes, and best practices. It will certainly help to advance Canada's emerging climate change programs," Keindel added.

"SRC places great importance on testing for emissions such as greenhouse gases (GHG), and on establishing appropriate standards," said SRC president and CEO Dr Laurier Schramm. "This agreement will position Saskatchewan prominently in emissions research and standards development supporting many industries, exposing SRC (positively) to national and international CSA standards issues," he added.

The process leading to this agreement began when Saskatchewan's Office of Energy Conservation (OEC, which is managed by the SRC) contacted the CSA regarding regulations on energy efficiency and environmental issues.

The PTRC, a not-for-profit organization, promotes research and development projects to advance sustainable exploitation of Canada's petroleum resources. It collaborates with organizations worldwide to foster knowledge and technologies for enhanced petroleum production and recovery, and to mitigate climate change by enabling geological storage (and subsequent monitoring and verification) of greenhouse gases. At the same time, the Centre seeks to improve the competitive position of Canada's energy sector. The PTRC was founded in 1998 by Natural Resources Canada, Saskatchewan Industry and Resources, Saskatchewan Research Council, and the University of Regina.

More information is available from Grant McVicar, director of the Office of Energy Conservation, Saskatchewan Research Council, 306/787-6033; Mike Monea, executive director of the PTRC, 306/787-8290; or Michel Girard, director, climate change at the CSA, 613/565-5151, Web sites www.src.sk.ca, www.csa.ca or www.ptrc.ca.

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