April 3, 2006

Sydney Tar Ponds project review panel seeks further details to supplement EIS

SYDNEY, NS-The Joint Review Panel for the Sydney Tar Ponds and coke ovens cleanup project has requested additional information from the project proponent, the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency, on the potential environmental effects of the proposed cleanup. The request for additional information is part of the panel's review of the environmental impact statement (EIS). The specific details sought are contained in a 27-page document attached to a letter from panel chair Lesley Griffiths to Frank Potter, the Agency's acting CEO. In response, Potter said the engineers, toxicologists, and risk assessors who helped the agency prepare the 3,000-page EIS have begun to prepare answers to address the deficiencies cited by the panel. "We will provide the requested information fully and promptly," he said. His agency, he noted, is "as anxious as everyone in Sydney to get on with the cleanup and to meet the June 30 date for the completion of the panel's report." The panel's request for further information, along with other documents related to the environmental assessment, may be viewed on the public on-line registry established for the project, www.ceaa-acee.gc.ca (reference number 05-05-8989).

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