March 27, 2006

P&G joins bird rescue group to launch oil spill training program

HALIFAX, NS- Procter and Gamble's Dawn brand of dishwashing detergent and the Canadian branch of Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research (TSBRR), a private, non-profit wildlife rehabilitation group, have joined forces to launch a new training program aimed at improving wildlife rescue preparedness for oil spills in Canada. They have established a new Canadian Oiled Wildlife Rescue Academy with the mandate of educating and preparing wildlife rescue teams including wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians and others, for future interactions with oiled wildlife in the event of oil spills. Over the course of the three-year partnership between Dawn and TSBRR, the Academy will host a series of training sessions across Canada, the first of which took place March 22 in Halifax. Led by the TSBRR, the sessions are designed to educate Canadian wildlife rehabilitators on the effects of oil spills, the appropriate response plan and how to work as part of a team to save the affected wildlife. Each year nearly 500,000 birds die from encounters with spilled oil. "The Canadian Oiled Wildlife Rescue Academy and our training sessions could help to save thousands of birds and animals from the effects of oil contamination," said Tom Dunbar, TSBRR's Canadian co-ordinator. "We know that when birds are treated in a timely manner, using proper techniques, after coming into contact with oil they can be rehabilitated and go on to live a normal healthy life span," he added. For more than 20 years, oiled wildlife rescue teams around the world have used Dawn to save birds from the effects of oil spill contamination, having found this product both highly effective in cutting grease and at the same time gentle on the delicate skin of wildlife. The result has been thousands of birds saved. "Dawn supports oil spill wildlife rescue around the world, including Exxon-Valdez in 1989 and Lake Wabamum, Alberta this past summer," noted P&G category brand manager Eva Huang. In addition to providing free product for animal rescue in major oil spills, Dawn is donating a portion of the proceeds from all Dawn product sales across Canada between March and June to the Canadian Oiled Wildlife Rescue Academy. More information about the Academy is available on-line at or from Joyce Law at Procter and Gamble, 416/730-4711.

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