April 17, 2006

Global Cogenix responds to BC Hydro call with proposed run-of-river hydro plants

VANCOUVER, BC-Global Cogenix, a green power electricity generation company based in British Columbia, has submitted a combined tender in response to BC Hydro's F2006 open call for power. When constructed, the Log Creek and Kookipi Creek hydroelectric power plants will be engineered to generate a total of 20 megawatts (MW) of renewable green energy, enough to power more than 7,700 homes. The company says its proposed Kookipi Creek and Log Creek run-of-river projects offer both an environmentally friendly source of power and attractive hydro rates for all electricity generated, making the tender a viable alternative to fossil fuel based generation. Global Cogenix is also part of a partnership in an operating seven-megawatt run-of-river hydroelectric generation plant and two 10-MW run-of-river hydroelectric projects which will generate over 77,000 MW of electricity annually. More information is available on the company's Web site, www.globalcogenix.com.

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