March 27, 2006

GMF provides $225K to test CHP system using biogas from wastewater treatment

FORT SASKATCHEWAN, ALTA-A $225,000 grant from the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) will be used to support a 12-month field test by the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ARCWC) to enhance the use of biogas from the wastewater treatment process. ARCWC will combust a portion of the raw biogas in a combined heat and power (CHP) system using a 58-kilowatt (kW) Stirling Cycle external combustion engine. Results from the test will be analyzed to determine the viability and efficiencies (energy, operations and maintenance) that can be gained by a full-scale system in the range of four megawatts (MW). "Estimates suggest that during the test period, the 55 kW unit would consume 321,000 m3 [cubic metres] of raw biogas, would generate 462,000 kWh of power per year (for savings of $25,000), and would reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 455,200 kg by displacing electricity generated at coal-fired plants," said Spruce Grove Mayor and ARCWC chair Ken Scott. "A fully implemented CHP system would provide over 50% (an estimated 3,410,400 kWh) of the plant's power needs, 90% of current heating needs and a total GHG reduction estimated at approximately 3.5 million kilograms. This would result in estimated annual savings of $100,000." The $550-million GMF is managed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) on behalf of the federal government. Formed in 1985, the ACRWC serves 13 municipalities in the Alberta Capital Region. Speaking on behalf of the FCM, Strathcona County Councillor Ken Lesniak said, "The results of this project will be of interest to communities across Canada." More information on the GMF, including details of other approved projects and studies, is available on-line at

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