April 3, 2006

Alberta provides $500K for Okotoks solar community project

EDMONTON, ALTA-Alberta Environment has provided $500,000 to Climate Change Central in support of the Drake Landing solar community in Okotoks. The solar technology, which can be applied to both residential and industrial projects, will reduce energy consumption by 30%, harnessing solar energy to supply 90% of the heating requirements for the community's 52 homes. In addition, 260 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year will be eliminated. Climate Change Central, a public/private partnership dedicated to finding innovative responses to deal with climate change, says this will be the only solar energy system in North America to achieve these reductions. The project, funded through the Alberta government's Innovation Program, is reported to be the first of its kind in North America. "Drake Landing is a particularly exciting project because this new technology can also be used for other applications such as industrial projects," said Simon Knight, acting president and CEO of Climate Change Central. "The potential for this technology is huge, and we expect to see increasing use as awareness of the advantages grows." More information is available from Helen Corbett at Climate Change Central, 403/517-2717, E-mail Helen.Corbett@climatechangecentral.com.

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