April 3, 2006

Clean Energy names new CEO, forms joint venture for micro waste-to-energy systems

VANCOUVER, BC- Douglas Wilson has joined the board of directors and assumed the position of president and CEO of Clean Energy Combustion Systems, effective April 1, 2006. Wilson had previously been serving as a consultant to Clean Energy, a development-stage U.S. public company based in Vancouver. He has over 25 years of senior managerial experience, having worked for both public and private companies in positions such as trading director and compliance officer. Also joining the board is John Maskell, a corporate structure and management advisor. Clean Energy has acquired or developed a number of solid-to-gas-phase thermal reactors and sonic standing wave combustion systems which it considers superior to the widely used steady-state combustion technology, in terms of both energy efficiency and resulting fuel cost savings, as well as significantly reduced emission levels. The company plans to expand its operations by pursuing joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions in clean energy technologies of all types. It has initiated a joint venture with ecoGrow Corporation, a privately-owned federal entity. Under the terms of the agreement, a newly-formed subsidiary, Clean Energy Technology Inc (CETI) will develop farm-scaled micro waste-to-energy systems, based on the company's gasification technology, for the agricultural market. The company expects to have demonstration systems in operation within a year after funding arrangements are finalized. In order to focus on this development, Clean Energy will be taking a brief hiatus from work on its flare gas mitigation systems and other continuing research and development activities. More information is available from Clean Energy, 604/681-9383, E-mail shareinfo@clean-energy.com, Web site www.clean-energy.com.

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