March 6, 2006

Infrastructure funding assistance increased for sewage project

GRACEFIELD, QUE-Funding assistance to install sewage collection and treatment facilities in the town of Gracefield has been increased by $441,234 to total of $1,881,200. The previous level of funding, through the Canada-Quebec Infrastructure Works program, was $1,439,966. The planned work involves the laying of approximately one kilometre of sewer line, the construction of a pumping station and the installation of a 520-metre discharge line, as well as the building of an aerated pond-style wastewater treatment facility with a total capacity of 3,636 cubic metres. Completion of the project will help improve water quality in the Gatineau River. Under the funding agreement, the federal and Quebec governments will each invest $940,600, with the town of Gracefield investing $331,976. The total value of the project is $2.2 million.

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