March 6, 2006

Provincial funding helps local agencies conduct water studies

SUDBURY & NORTH BAY, ONT-The Ontario government is providing grants to local agencies in support of watershed studies that will underpin a comprehensive system of water protection. Environment Minister Laurel Broten announced an allocation of $274,578 to the Nickel District Conservation Authority (NDCA) in Sudbury and $244,206 to the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) to fund these studies. Broten observed that "local communities and organizations are best positioned to protect and manage their drinking water sources. We are supporting the work of conservation authorities because they are expert custodians of our watersheds," she added. The funding is part of a five-year, $67.5-million commitment made by the government last November to help local communities better prepare themselves to protect their drinking water sources. This was followed in December 2005 by the introduction of the Clean Water Act. If passed, it would ensure that communities are able to detect potential risks to their supply of drinking water and take action to reduce or eliminate these risks. Municipalities, conservation authorities, landowners, farmers, industry community groups and the public would all work together to meet common goals.

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