March 20, 2006

Tar Ponds Agency launches on-line business directory for cleanup project

SYDNEY, NS-The Sydney Tar Ponds Agency has launched an on-line business directory to serve as a one-stop shop where contractors and consultants can find Cape Breton businesses with which to form partnerships. The directory, open to all businesses throughout Cape Breton, is accessible through the Tar Ponds Web site, Business owners can register their firms free of charge in just a few minutes. The initiative is part of the Agency's effort to maximize the economic benefits of the cleanup for local businesses. "We believe the cleanup offers a great opportunity to enhance Cape Breton's already transforming economy through job creation, skills development, knowledge transfer, and capacity building for future export potential," said acting CEO Frank Potter. The Agency is also providing business information sessions which will fully explain tendering procedures, and is undertaking a business capacity study of the cleanup project's labour and supplies requirements. The study will also help determine areas where local service provision and additional skills development for workers might be improved.

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