February 27, 2006

New Brunswick's "Five in Five" pledges reduced air, water pollution

FREDERICTON, NB-Describing New Brunswick as the Clean Province, Premier Bernard Lord stated, "Within five years I want New Brunswick to have the greatest reduction in air and water pollution in Canada." This was the fourth of the "Five in Five" goals Lord presented for the next five years in his 2006 state of the province address earlier this month. To implement the initiative, the Premier has made a number of Cabinet changes and realignments to the structure of the provincial government. While current Environment Minister Trevor Holder retains his portfolio, the department itself has been separated from Local Government to become a stand-alone entity, responsible for meeting the Clean Province goal. The Local Government department will be headed by new minister Rose-May Poirier. Keith Ashfield remains as Minister of Natural Resources and David Alward continues as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture. Brenda Fowlie has returned to the Cabinet as Energy Minister, replacing Bruce Fitch who is now Minister of Justice and Consumer Affairs. The Five in Five initiative also commits the province to increasing the proportion of workers with post-secondary education, lowering taxes and decreasing unemployment, increasing physical fitness participation, and reducing the poverty rate.

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