March 13, 2006

EA approvals granted for two Ontario landfill expansions

TORONTO, ONT-The Ontario government has approved environmental assessments (EAs) for two proposed landfill expansions, the McDougall landfill in the district of Parry Sound and the Laflèche landfill in eastern Ontario. "The municipality of McDougall looked at a number of options and I'm satisfied it selected the most environmentally sound approach," Environment Minister Laurel Broten said, adding that the expansion "will provide McDougall and area municipalities with landfill capacity for the next 25 years." The Minister imposed several conditions on the McDougall EA approval, including an annual compliance report and a requirement to obtain public input regarding the design of the landfill expansion. The Laflèche landfill in the township of North Stormont has received EA approval to increase its annual fill rate from 200,000 tonnes to 300,000 tonnes. "The Laflèche expansion will allow it to meet an increased demand for waste disposal in eastern Ontario without changing the size of the facility, altering its current operations or changing the site's service area," said Broten. Both sites will also require approval under the Environmental Protection Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act.

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