February 27, 2006

Nissan joins Dynetek, BC Hydro, Fuel Cells Canada to test latest Model X-Trail FCV

SURREY, BC-Nissan Canada is collaborating with Dynetek Industries, BC Hydro and Fuel Cells Canada on a testing program for its newest fuel cell-equipped vehicle. The new 70-megapascal (MPa) high-pressure, hydrogen-powered Nissan X-Trail FCV (fuel cell vehicle) will be tested in and around the greater Vancouver area, in a number of environments and drive cycles, including moderate cold-weather, high-speed hill climbs and highway driving, to evaluate the vehicle's capabilities and the hydrogen fuel system's performance. The X-Trail FCV contains a Canadian-built hydrogen fuel cylinder manufactured by Calgary-based Dynetek. The vehicle is equipped with the first-ever Nissan-constructed fuel cell stack. It is being tested in Surrey, at the Powertech Labs facility, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BC Hydro, in conjunction with Fuel Cells Canada. A previous 2003 X-Trail FCV offered a cruising range of 350 km, but with improved stack efficiency and a 30% increase in the high-pressure Dynetek hydrogen cylinder's storage capacity, the new model is expected to achieve a cruising range of more than 500 km. Fuel Cells Canada, a non-profit, national industry association, manages the Hydrogen Highway(tm), a co-ordinated, large-scale demonstration and deployment program intended to accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

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