March 20, 2006

High-efficiency air handling system introduced at new townhouse complex

HAMILTON, ONT-A new, economical air-handling system designed to conserve energy and reduce peak power consumption during summer heat waves made its debut this month at a new Hamilton townhouse development. Developed by Ecologix Heating Technologies, in Cambridge, Ontario, the Zone Comfort System allows combination-heating systems to operate year-round with greatly improved efficiency. Its advanced compact boiler and forced air handler uses less energy in both winter and summer, distributing heat and cooling to different parts of the house when and where needed. Use of the Zone Comfort System in the new three-level vertical townhouses will save an estimated 3,300 kilowatt-hours per year, per unit. Ecologix president Steve Davies said, "Its airtight, pre-engineered duct system and floor-by-floor airflow control ensures that the cool air produced by the air conditioner gets to where it is needed. A built-in dehumidification cycle delivers superior air-conditioned comfort. Together, these features lead to lower electricity consumption and ultimately savings for the homeowner." The system was developed with $400,000 in support from Natural Resources Canada and the National Research Council.

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