February 20, 2006

Conservation area ruled out as transportation route through Pine Valley corridor

TORONTO, ONT-Ontario Environment Minister Laurel Broten has directed the city of Vaughan to remove the Boyd Conservation Area as a possible route to address transportation problems in the Pine Valley corridor northwest of Toronto. "We believe that a roadway through the Boyd Conservation Area could have significant environmental impacts," said Broten, adding, "I have amended the environmental assessment work plan to exclude the conservation area as a possible route. There will be no road through Boyd Park." As proponent, the city's environmental assessment (EA) will address current and future transportation challenges in the Pine Valley corridor resulting from current development and anticipated population growth of about 60,000 by 2021. The EA will look at alternative routes between Weston Road and Highway 27 and from Teston Road to Highway 407. The proponent will be required to provide ample opportunity for the public to review how the EA will assess and compare alternatives routes. The announcement was welcomed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), whose chair, Dick O'Brien, said the decision "is consistent with TRCA's natural heritage strategy. TRCA is committed to working with the Region of York and the City of Vaughan to address transportation needs within the community through other means" he continued, adding, "TRCA will continue with the creation of The Living City Centre Campus at Kortright adjacent to Pine Valley Drive as a centre of excellence for sustainable community planning in York Region and throughout the GTA."

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