February 20, 2006

BC provides $309K for studies, programs to improve air quality

Technical studies, emission reduction programs and public information workshops are among the eight projects receiving more than $309,000 from the British Columbia government in support of better air quality in the province. Environment Minister Barry Penner noted that the projects are based on local knowledge and conditions. The Environment Ministry, he added, "will continue to work with our community partners to encourage the development of airshed plans throughout the province, because we recognize that air quality varies from community to community."

The projects will focus on promoting cleaner air and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Among the grants are the following:

*$50,000 to the British Columbia Lung Association to enable the organization to contribute to projects such as the State of the Air Report, the community air quality/health lecture series, the annual air quality/health workshop, and other technical studies.

*$7,450 to the University of British Columbia (UBC) to help assess provincial background levels of particulate matter and ozone; this will help communities develop manageable targets and practical solutions to local air quality issues.

*$50,000 to the UBC-based Centre of Interactive Research on Sustainability for continued research on accelerating the adoption of green technology in building design and urban development to reduce GHG emissions.

*$165,000 to help the Fraser Basin Council host provincial clean air forums and continue developing the Green Fleet Certification System for Crown agency and ministry fleets to reduce GHG emissions. The grant will also help the Council deliver climate change information to students, the public, business and local government decision-makers.

*$10,000 to aid the Bulkley Valley Lakes District Airshed Management Society in carrying out continued community outreach work related to the development of an airshed plan for the Skeena region.

*$27,000 to BC Transit to support 2007 Clean Air Day activities in communities across British Columbia, in partnership with Environment Canada.

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