February 13, 2006

Toronto Hydro to provide $1.76M for Enwave backup generation plant

TORONTO, ONT-Toronto Hydro-Electric System is investing $1.76 million to support Enwave Energy's development of an 11-megawatt (MW) natural gas-fuelled generation plant. To be housed within Enwave's existing chilled water production facility, the plant will help alleviate stress on Toronto's electricity distribution system by providing back-up generation for Enwave's Deep Lake Water Cooling project. It will allow Toronto Hydro to draw upon this supply to help the city reduce power consumption on days when demand threatens to exceed supply in the province. This large conservation and demand management (CDM) project represents the second agreement between Toronto Hydro and Enwave and forms part of Toronto Hydro's commitment to reduce peak electricity consumption in Toronto by up to 250MW. Last summer, the two companies announced a $1.6-million, 10MW plan to replace existing air conditioning equipment with Enwave's Deep Lake Water Cooling technology in the Richmond Adelaide Centre; Adelaide Place; Queen's Park and three other buildings (ELW July 18, 2005). Toronto Hydro has dedicated $39.8 million to conservation and demand management (CDM) programs through 2007.

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