February 13, 2006

Hy-Drive files more patents for proprietary hydrogen generating system

MISSISSAUGA, ONT-Hy-Drive Technologies has filed five new patent applications on its G2 hydrogen generating system (HGS) in order to ensure full protection for the technological advances and the intellectual property surrounding the system before its commercial launch. The G2 system already has four U.S. patents and Hy-Drive has filed four other U.S. patent applications, as well as six Canadian applications and eight applications in as many other jurisdictions worldwide. "Our technology is unique and we've secured all facets of intellectual property around the G2 HGS," said Hy-Drive president and CEO Tom Brown. The G2 system works by injecting small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine. This creates an enriched air mixture and a faster, more complete burn. This in turn results in reduced emissions, significantly improved fuel efficiency and more engine torque. Hy-Drive says its product is easy to install and works with any internal combustion engine, all types of fuel and in almost any climate, making it suitable for any truck fleet. The company followed up its latest series of patent applications with the official commercial launch of the G2 system, and has begun shipping and installing its first G2 units to selected trucking customers throughout North America. The launch, Brown noted, follows intensive testing protocols in the field, in the lab and in an SAE-certified laboratory. More information is available from Hy-Drive Technologies, 905/542-3024, ext 300, FAX 905/542-0820, Web site www.hy-drive.com.

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