February 6, 2006

CAA presents Pyramid environmental award to GM, Volkswagen

MONTREAL, QUE-The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) presented its 2006 Pyramid Awards for Environmental Initiatives to General Motors of Canada and Volkswagen Canada during the recent Montreal International Auto Show. GM was recognized for its introduction of the new ethanol-powered E-85 Chevrolet Impala. The vehicle runs on 85% cellulose-based ethanol (developed by Ottawa-based Iogen), reducing its emissions by as much as 75% compared with hybrid vehicles currently available. Volkswagen Canada received a Pyramid Award for extending its warranty coverage on all TDI diesel engines to cover the use of B5 biodiesel, a fuel blend made with 5% biodiesel. This initiative allows vehicle buyers to choose an environmentally friendly alternative fuel without risking the loss of their warranty protection. The use of B5 biodiesel produces fewer engine emissions and improves the TDI engine's operating efficiency.

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