February 6, 2006

Manitoba's conversion to LED traffic lights over 50% complete

WINNIPEG, MAN-Over half the traffic control lights on Manitoba's provincial highways have been converted to more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) technology, Transportation and Government Services Minister Ron Lemieux reported recently. The conversion to LED is being implemented at 134 intersections under provincial jurisdiction. In the past two years, 75 provincially-controlled intersections have been converted and work is under way at 25 others. The $455,600-project, due to be completed by 2008, is expected to save Manitoba taxpayers more than $152,000 per year, for an overall payback period of less than three years, the minister said. Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with LED lamps reduces the annual cost of electrical consumption at each intersection by about $685. Although the initial cost of converting each intersection is estimated at $4,100, Manitoba Hydro is providing rebates as a part of the energy-savings initiative that will lower the conversion cost at each intersection to about $3,400. The LED technology will also reduce the yearly cost of maintaining and replacing the old lamps at each intersection to $300 from $750. Together, the lower energy consumption and replacement cost will bring the overall savings per intersection to an estimated $1,135 per year.

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