February 13, 2006

Luscar honoured by Alberta resources group for long-range reclamation plan

Luscar recently received the Alberta Chamber of Resources' Major Reclamation Award. The company, a major Canadian producer of low-sulfur thermal coal, was honoured at the Chamber's 70th Annual awards banquet in Edmonton for outstanding reclamation work in Lovett and Silkstone Lakes, two end pit lakes that have been turned into successful recreation areas at Luscar's Coal Valley mine.

Lovett and Silkstone Lakes represent an innovative solution to a common reclamation problem, and are the end result of farsighted planning on the part of the company.

Luscar uses all of the overburden (the rocks and earth removed to access the coal) to fill in the mine opening and reclaim disturbed surface area from its mining activities. Because it is not possible to fill in the entire surface disturbance created by the mining activity, however, a small pit remains.

Over ten years ago, Luscar saw the potential of turning these pits into small lakes complete with designed fish habitats, public access trails, and other recreation enhancements.

Although the idea of mine-cut lake development in the Alberta Foothills was still largely conceptual during the early planning stages of the Coal Valley mine, Luscar nevertheless went ahead and began planning the project with a specific emphasis on establishing a recreational fishery.

Today, fishing enthusiasts can enjoy these two stocked lakes while hikers explore the extensive trail systems with growing spruce and pine.

These two lakes are, in fact, part of a larger end land use plan. Luscar intends to turn 95% of the reclaimed area at the Coal Valley mine into forested lands and wildlife habitat. The remaining 5% of the land base will include a small chain of lakes over the entire Coal Valley mine.

Luscar operates ten surface mines in Alberta and Saskatchewan producing bituminous, sub-bituminous and lignite thermal coals. The company is a 50/50 general partnership between subsidiaries of Sherritt International and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board.

More information is available from Andy Etmanski, Luscar's manager of environment, health and safety, 780/420-4081, E-mail andy_etmanski@luscar.com.

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