February 6, 2006

Non-toxic formula restores lead acid industrial batteries

A new formula called InfiniFluid, developed by a group of chemistry professors for restoring lead acid batteries, provides a non-hazardous means for extending the operating life of these batteries. This in turn, reduces costs and environmental problems associated with disposal and replacement of worn-out batteries.

Lead acid batteries, the type widely used in automobiles, forklifts, mining, construction, and industrial equipment, typically begin to deteriorate within six months as sulfate deposits build up. This causes increased resistance, leading to poor performance, decreased runtime and premature failing.

Industrial lift batteries are expensive and when their running times begin to degrade they require increased labour, watering and charging to maintain properly. These operating and maintenance costs increase exponentially as a battery continues to sulfate.

InfiniFluid is a fully biodegradable, organic polymer. Applied properly to a worn-out battery, it chemically reacts with the electrolyte solution during charging and discharging. Penetrating the sulfate build-up, InfiniFluid causes it to peel off of the internal working parts of a battery, reducing the material to harmless debris on the bottom of a battery.

The compound also recovers the lost electrons and returns them to the electrolyte solution, restoring the battery's storage and discharge properties to almost brand-new condition. The conductive organic polymer then covers the electrode lead plates to improve resistance to sulfate buildup for up to two years. InfiniFluid is non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable, says Echo Trade/Marketing, its Canadian distributor.

By renewing old batteries and restoring them to 97% of their original state, the product increases run times so that the battery performs longer before charges. As a result, the energy used for charging can be reduced by as much as 30%. And since the batteries can now run normally for longer periods, environmental impacts associated with both energy use and battery disposal are reduced.

As well, says Echo, InfiniFluid itself is both more environmentally friendly and effective than other products and technologies developed for removing sulfate buildup from batteries, such as high-frequency electronic pulsing and other additives, most of which contain toxic ingredients.

More information is available Echo Trade/Marketing, 416/410-9960, 1-888-271-4208 (toll-free), Web site www.infinifluid.net.

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