January 16, 2006

CCME updates, revises contaminated site classification system

WINNIPEG, MAN-The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) has released for comment a draft National Classification System for Contaminated Sites (NCSCS) 0.2.0. The document is a revised version of the original National Classification System (NCS) issued in 1992. A review of the NCS by the CCME's soil quality guidelines task group concluded that the NCS needed updating and revision in order to increase its objectivity, reflect current soil quality guidelines, include parameters specific to northern regions and increase the range of ecological parameters (for example, by including more migration and exposure pathways such as dust, vapour and sediments). Consequently, the CCME commissioned EVS Environment Consultants (part of the Golder group) to review the original NCS, recommend improvements and build a new, electronic contaminated site classification ranking system. The resulting Excel-based ranking system supercedes the 1992 NCS, although it incorporates much of the original system. It is now available for a six-month public review and comment period, ending June 19, 2006. Written comments should be sent to Sara Davarbakhsh, program co-ordinator, CCME, 3360 - 123 Main St, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1A3, FAX 204/948-2125, E-mail sdavarbakhsh@ccme.ca.

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